Man and Medicine-Ukraine

The Organising committee of the “Man and Medicine-Ukraine” Medical Congress invites healthcare professionals, scientists and experts in the field of medicine to participate in the 8th “Man and Medicine-Ukraine” International Congress, which will be held at the Cinema House, 6 Saksaganskogo Str., Kiev, on September 10-11, 2015.

Main scientific and practical directions for the 8th “Man and Medicine-Ukraine” International Congress are:
    • cardiology: : arterial hypertension, cardiac insufficiency, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, hyperlipidemia. Clinical guidelines, diagnosis and treatment standards;
    • metabolic syndrome, diabetes and its complications: modern approach to diagnosis and treatment;
    • diabetic polyneuropathy, diabetic foot;
    • diagnosis and treatment standards in pulmonology; COPD, pneumonia;
    • modern antibiotic therapy: advances and future prospects, antibiotic resistance;
    • urgent conditions: modern diagnosis, effective approaches to the treatment of patients in reanimation recovery and intensive care units;
    • neurology: diagnosis, pathogenesis and etiotropic therapy (cerebrovascular pathology, strokes, polyneuropathy, neuroinfection, parkinsonism etc.);
    • vertigo: diagnosis and treatment;
    • psychosomatic disorders in adults and children;
    • pain syndrome and its types: interdisciplinary approach (diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment);
    • NSAID therapy;
    • osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, degenerative inflammatory deseases of the locomotor system: modern approaches to diagnosis, prevention and treatment;
    • sleep disturbance;
    • stress and the ways to overcome it; stress-induced disoders;
    • stress and women’s reproductive health;
    • inflammatory diseases of female reproductive system; antibiotic therapy in gynecology; hormone therapy;
    • infectious diseases: prevention, treatment, vaccination; actual infections;
    • acute respiratory infection and influenza, often ailing children – specific and nonspecific prophylaxis;
    • antipyretics in pediatric practice;
    • preventive medicine;
    • vitamins in the practice of family physicians;
    • parasitology;
    • intestine microbiocenosis: methods of correction;
    • enzymopathies;
    • gastric ulcer, GERD, gastric indigestion;
    • hepatitis (viral, toxic)– diagnosis and treatment;
    • dermatology: skin fungal diseases; acne; allergic dermatitis;
    • primary health care in Ukraine’s health care system;
    • gerontology – recent advances;
    • medical tourism:
    • treatment abroad;
    • “The problem of compliance” lecture;
    • prospects of the health care system reform in Ukraine.


    In 2015 The Organising commitee of the Congress offers its participants modern forms of thematic reports, lectures, panel discussions, round table discussions, scientific brain rings, workshops and master classes, interactive tests, trainings, up-to-date reports on the currents issues of modern medicine.

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers and their representatives in Ukraine, laboratories as well as medical equipment companies, medical journals will take part in the Congress exhibition.

    Participants of the Congress will have the opportunity to visit the diagnostic cabinet for a quick medical examination as well as many other interesting events.

    • in Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporozhye – in October, 2015 (the date for the congress will be specified later due to the city’s request to postpone it)
    • in Vinnitsa – on October 15
    • in Lvov and Rovno – on November 5, teleconference
    • in Odessa – on November 17
    • in Kharkov – on November 24

    Events of the International Congress in Kiev and regions are free of charge for doctors. To visit the Congress, please register on the website or fill the registration format at the registration desk of the Congress.

    IMPORTANT: Participants of the Congress will receive certificates of attendance with scores corresponding to the number of the Congress scientific events attended.


    The Congress organising committee
    Tel.: +380 (44) 287 07 20


Man and Medicine-Ukraine

15 January 2015

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